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Acme is a U.S. Green Metal Supplier

The Acme Resource Recovery process converts commercial, industrial comingled scrap metal and electronic waste streams, which may otherwise be sent overseas, into "clean" resource ready materials by using mechanical processing equipment. A series of shredders and magnets for scrap processing and additional advanced media separation equipment enables processing of more complex co-mingled scrap/resource streams.

In addition to its unique capabilities, Acme is positioned with a U.S. smelter and mill vertical scrap metal pre-processors. Vertically integrated with (Southern California) aluminum, brass, copper and steel mills, Acme Resource Recovery has the ability to produce enhanced scrap metal packages that are better suited metallurgically, while decreasing pollution and burner fuel usage due to non-metallic removal and metal surface area increase created by our process.

Acme's business-to-business value-added scrap processing service offers consistent metallurgy, free from typical export scrap metal package contamination. Once processed by Acme, we supply local metal smelters and mills. Of those, we expect special interest among low-carbon and regulated volatile organic compound (VOC) scrap metal feed streams, and especially California metal processors, with strict metal feed "cleanliness" regulatory requirements.

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